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Legal and business assistance in Ukraine and on whole CIS Market

We guide you to successful business in Ukraine and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Spiritum is the shortest way to explore growing possibilities offered on the most promising CIS market. We are your assisting partner and qualified consultant while introducing and establishing your products and services on the East European market or moving your production facilities to those countries offering highly qualified low priced labour force, rich natural resources and relatively close distance with good transport communication to Scandinavia.

We provide:

  • Good knowledge of market environments and experience in intercultural communication to assure your business success in CIS
  • The best answer to occurring problems in connection with your CIS business activities
  • Personalized solutions adapted to your interests
  • Close contact to your customers and deep understanding of their needs and communication patterns
  • Market research
  • Sales representation
  • Distribution channels
  • Feasibility studies
  • Permits, premises and people for production
  • Your local language on- & off-line presentations

Legal assistance for yours activity abroad

Using the given provide possibility, offer you the respect and wish you prosperity and successes in yours activity. Let us to make offer to you a collaboration on legal accompaniment of yours activity abroad.

We can suggest you to discuss possibility of complex (subscriber) service on permanent basis. It would be very comfortably for you, as we would undertake the decision of all complex of legal questions and problems, arising up in the process of your vital functions abroad.

For your credits in banks on the territory of Ukraine we will help to restructure your debts, you have deposits in banks on the territory of Ukraine we will help to return them. You must conduct a transaction on the territory of Ukraine, but there is not possibility to drive out on Ukraine, we will help you: to sell, purchase, in the rent real estate; to open or put up the shutters, on the territory of Ukraine; to legalize documents necessary you abroad. Also we will able to prepare consultation in all interesting you questions.

If you have a lot of not decided questions on the territory of Ukraine, our advocates will help you.

When you arrive on the territory of Ukraine you need invitation, help in registration of visa. If you afraid that you will have problems on a custom or at passing of passport control, our advocates will consult and help you, will meet you in air-port Borispol Ukraine.

You need to design a divorce, conduct a property section, you dont need to ride on Ukraine, because our advocates will help you in this questions, will get for you testifying to the divorce, legalize it and will deport to you by mail. Are you worry about alimonies? Don't woory, we will decide in your favour.

You left in EU and left some problems in Ukraine, untroubled we in Ukraine will work on your problems without your presence. We will come to you for help and will do it with the greatest quality, by professionalism and in the the earliest possible date.
  • Complex of subscriber service on a year 1000 Euros.
  • Complex of subscriber service on 6 months 700 Euros.
  • Complex of subscriber service on 1 month 250 Euros.
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