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Offshore IT outsourcing

Ukrainian Outsource Advantages

Worldwide, as the demand for programmers has continued to grow faster than the available supply of qualified specialists, companies have been looking for new sources of labour to fill the gap. As the problem has become even more acute in the past few years, Ukraine has stepped onto the world stage as a source of highly skilled, low cost programmers. The following reasons influence companies to engage in Offshore Software Development:

  • Constant shortage of world-class software professionals;
  • Pressure to cut costs to secure competitive edge during the ongoing recession;
  • Need to constantly update IT skills and tools.

The IT Outsourcing industry continues to grow as more businesses realize that outsourcing is becoming the competitive profitability standard. Within the next 10 years, outsourcing will continue to cut at least 40 percent of costs even though the demand for IT specialists is growing rapidly all over the world, which significantly increases costs for developers.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing leads to many obvious and hidden business benefits for the customer companies, such as:

  • reducing costs of software development
  • providing possibility of focusing on core activities
  • reducing Time-to-Market
  • increasing flexibility towards market changes
  • renting or buying Know-how of the subcontracting companies
  • compression of project development and implementation time
  • world-class quality of developments

Why in Ukraine?
  • Short geographical distance and negligible time difference
  • Visa-free travelling
  • Similar culture and business understanding
  • Strong educational background and technical knowledge base
  • Good level of English language skills
  • Large available pool of IT specialists with 30,000 graduates annually in IT related fields
  • Competitive costs and salaries
  • Low employee turnover due to limited opportunities for employees to travel and work permanently abroad
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