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Site Support

Site Support - the maintenance of efficiency and the development of the site, maintaining the relevance and rapid updating of information. Anyone can grasp the difference between personal Web page and site solid company. The difference in features support for the site by one person or a special working group to understand a few.

Good content is the keystone to site success. Information going obsolete over time and if it does not update, the visitors and thus potential customers, lose interest to the site. The active development of the site leads to increased audiences, improve the position of the search and extradition of a positive image of the company.

Support Site consists of:

1. Information Support;
  • filling or updating of web-pages;
  • searching materials for posting on the site;
  • creating tutorials according to your content management system (CMS);
  • support for dynamic sections of the website;

2. Technical support;
  • refinement of the site;
  • adding new modules;
  • optimizing site for search engines (SEO);
  • correction of errors site;
  • troubleshoot hosting.
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